Our Mission

To Offer Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Services

Occupational Medical Examinations

Fit to work medical assessments also provided to determine if the employee can perform the job/task under the working conditions especially after an illness or injury.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

We have a company clinic. However we offer on-site/mobile services to companies to reduce loss of production and logistical inconvenience of sendingemployees to external clinics.

Safety Management Systems

We use electronic database for the companies we provide for OHS services to ensure that they are easily retrieved for the various needs of the company.

Workplace Risk Assessments

Assist organizations or conduct risk assessment of their premises and /or systems.


Depending on the needs of the clients. Various audits carried out to ensure compliance with the OSHA 2007.


There are a number of programs and courses available to enable companies to meet their OSH needs. The trainings conform to the OSHA training guidelines.